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Do you have a deceased loved one you want to communicate with?  Perhaps you have had a "sense" of someone unseen in your home. Walked into a "cold spot." Witnessed an  electrical disturbance and heard unexplained sounds and you really "felt" something brush next to you once.
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This site was inspired by my own search for "reasons for Life" questions. This site is my genuine effort to offer you information on how to communicate, to identify your spirit peoples in your life, and to affirm your own personal spirit story.

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Found some Investigating Ghost Pictures and  videos for you to learn from.
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The following chapters are being offered in shortened versions from my book,


There are some "tall tales and spirit stories" that will only be told in Book due to accompanied drawings.

Are You Living with a Ghost or a Spirit?
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Ghosts - Earth Bound (Rescues) Attachments
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To Cross the Boundaries of the "Veil"
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This great photograph was sent to me by Caroline in New York.  Her friends who live in the great North West were working around their house and someone took this picture.  See the figure in the window on the left - well there was no one in the house when this was taken.  The owners are standing there outside at the table!!! - Thanks for the permission to post this picture. Caroline's Friends Summer 2008
BlogTalkRadio.com/Dead-Air on 3-26-11   First 45 min. a recording of a TV Show Haunted Tombstone, next 45 min. talked about Ghosts Investigations, last 45 min. talked about Frank's Box and spooky investigations!  Reallllly a Great Show! 

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New Announcement! a book on "Are You being Haunted?"
New Book about Ghosts that "attach" to you - unknowingly!  Thought of someone in your life that just doesn't seem the same?  Clearly, we do have moments that nothing seems to work right.  But, have you seen others become an alcoholic virtually overnight or a complete personality reversal?
Clearly there could be two souls in the same live flesh body!
Emotionally unhealthy souls can attached to someone to help them "feed"  and "feel" good in the human existence and not pass over to "Spirit Land".   
In this book I will discuss:
All sorts of Hitchhikers, stories and drawings. How to recognize a possible attachment, Intervention for someone who has a ghost attached and then how to get rid of this lost soul! and for you:  Setting up the right emotional state to not become a Hitchhiker yourself!"
George Lopez host of "DEAD-AIR" Radio has  has officially invited me to be part of his Ghost Investigations, EVP's and to use my Mediumship abilities to open up a clearer channel to proving Spirit Survival.
His group's web address is:
Ghost walking to cross a road, yep that is how I see spirits.  When they notice I am looking at them, then they give me their deceased human appearance.
Rev. Nancy Matz and George Lopez of  www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Dead-Air
and  www.PortOrangeParanormalSociety.com
Have now joined forces to offer Clients "Spirit Communication" using an Electric Voice Recording via "Ghost Box"
This is where George and Nancy can help you discover the greatest gift of all - survival of our loved ones and that they just reside just next to us in spirit.
George's offers his amazing "listening skills" honed in through years of military logistics experiences and Nancy's 21 years of remote viewing and mediumship skills.  We will assess and identify your spirit family or guides surrounding you in your everyday life.
Listen to internet radio with Sasquatch Spirit on Blog Talk Radio
Great BlogTalkRadio Show on Pet Spirits and how I Remote View Spirits in your Life!
Just Click and Listen!  First half Pet Spirits, 2nd Half Remote Viewing
To listen to how this is done, Click on www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Dead-Air
Select any show talking about "Saturday Night EVP's" whether it is a Saturday Night or a Tuesday - Wednesday Review
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Whom or what do you have living with you in Your home?

Is it dearly loved deceased Grandma, or a beloved pet
or poltergeists?

Can't figure out who or what this
is and what to do, if anything?
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A new direction to help you in your Life Experience by
by Certified Intervention Strategist Karen Rothstein, MA, ACC, CHT
and Medium Rev. Nancy Matz
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Do Any of These Statements Sound Like Something
You Have Been Saying to Yourself Repeatedly?
“I just don’t feel like myself lately”
“There’s a part of me that does and a part of me that doesn’t…”  
“Sometimes I feel like two totally different people”
“The doctor has run every test imaginable and they still can’t find anything wrong”
“I don’t know what came over me” or “I don’t know what I was thinking”
Many of us when we hear about the concept of spirit attachment think about the movie the “Exorcist”.  The subject of spirit attachment was grossly exaggerated into possession in the movie for the effect of entertainment. Most indigenous cultures recognize and have practices to address the presence of earthbound spirits while we in western, modern society tend to discount the idea of discarnate souls wantering the Earth plane.

Spirit attachment, sometimes also called entity attachment, is real, Spirits can and do become earthbound after death, if for whatever reason, the consciousness of the deseased does not return to the Light. While some spirits roaming the earth are visible to some as ghosts and continue to live autonomously, some spirits attach themselves to our aura, within our physical, emotional, or mental subtle bodies,  a place that feels more like “home” to their consciousness.

When we are in good pyscial healt and relatively free from stress, and practice good spiritual hygiene, our auras serve as an energetic protection field keeping unwanted energy out. However, prolonged illness, a sudden accident, as in a car accident,  or unrelenting stressors weaken the aura leaving it susceptible to penetration by spirit energies.

Why Do They Attach?

The spirit may attach based on several reasons. In my experience it may be:
• self-serving to fulfill a need of the attaching spirit  such as to remain close to a loved one;
•the host has a familiar vibration based on emotional resonance with the discarnate soul;
•the spirit wishes to do some harm; or
•confused about their sudden death they attach to another available body, usually someone near the death scene or a first responder.

When Do Spirits Attach?

Certain habits or events may promote the accessibility of the host, including:
•heavy use of drugs or alcohol especially use that results in a loss of consciousness or blackouts.

I have found that spirit attachments can explain why people cannot lose weight despite good exercise and dieting habits, why people cannot permanently give up addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs or may repeatedly go back to using these substances after successful therapy or successful completion of recovery programs. Many phobias, anxieties, depressive disorders, relationship difficulties, or unexplainable emotions, as well as medically unexplained physical symptoms, or fibromyalgia-like symptoms, can be attributed to spirit attachment.

Treating You and Your Earthbound Spirit

The condition of a spirit being attached to your body can be remedied and is not a incurable condition, unless you fail to heal the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that attract the discarnate to you in the first place. Healing of the self and the spirit is an important component of the treatment process. For this reason, we prefer to work with people in person, rather than conduct remote releasement sessions.  Often people find they experience great relief once the spirit has been released from their auric field and properly guided to the Light.

If you would like to discuss whether or not you may have a spirit attachment, please call             916-729-0737       to schedule a consultation.

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Interested in hiring us to "see and hear". The below "clips" are from an investigation at the Old Spanish Military Hospital in Florida on June 29, 2011.  I am on the phone to 'Bridget' at the switchboard for George at his radio show 'Dead-Air'.  George has called in and I am telling him what I "see".