“The Town Too Tough to “Die”
    Oh boy, you are finally here.  You’ve waited months to be on vacation and what a fun trip, imagine visiting one of the most famous towns of the old west - Tombstone!  You go to each shop, looking and searching for the ultimate souvenir.  But, in the back of your brain a catching slogan has been playing over and over, “the town too tough to die”.  Yes, that word “die” … as in ghosts.  What you really want to do is see the old haunts of the famous lawmen, where they died and the infamous “Boot Hill”.  Secretly, you really don’t want to tell your family, that you really want, maybe - just maybe to see a “GHOST!”  You are remembering the television show where the “ghost busters” traveled to Tombstone and investigated one of the many bar/brothels that made this town infamous.  And THEY saw something!
    You talk the family into visiting that bar/brothel.  You lead them in, as if in protecting them from the unseen gunslingers that might have their guns pulled or mulling over that last whiskey of the night.    Your eyes bounce around the room, “yep, they are here.”  You are secretly hoping to catch something out of the corner of your eyes.
   Now, this behavior is not normal for you.  Somewhere inside you, you’ve become a kid again, hoping to be scared!  Hoping to be able to see the ultimate seeing….a Ghost in Tombstone, “The town too tough to die!”
    Line up for the bar/brothel tour and pay the fee.  Watch your family line past and ahead of you, ushering them into the unknown.  This time you know something could happen: you go in last.  Musty smell, really old stuff, the tour guide talks, someone giggles, someone says, “I’m scared in here.”  Your arm hairs stand up on end and you quickly look in her direction.  Quickly look up and down - where were they looking?  Again, don’t want to look too excited or too scared; don’t want kids to see their Dad look uneasy.
    Strange feeling of being watch, looked over.  You look in the direction of that far wall, knowing no one is there “at least not in the flesh.”  How do the citizens live here all year knowing there are ghosts about?  Ignoring them?  Letting tourists be the ghosts’ torments?
    Yep, there it was.  On the staircase - a woman - a misty shadow of a woman - can’t see all of her.  Do you yell out - keep looking - you can’t look away.  Your heart rate increasing, but you have a smile on your, “wow, what a sight - what a memory”.
    Kids look in your direction of sight, your boy shouts, “What’s that!  Shadow disappears.  Your only proof, your boy did see something.  Lots of noise, more giggles, more whispers.  Tour guide confirms there is something of a story about, “the lady on the stairs.”  “Wow, no longer a story for me,” you think.  You really wanted to see Wyatt walk in with guns pulled a full-fledged ghost, but a lady on the stairs that you really did see is good enough.  You’ve got the proof - the town really did not die.
    This story was relayed to Ms. Matz by a tourist who visited The Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone.