Do you wish to remove this "ghost or spirit?"  Is this exciting or scary? I invite you enjoy this new site with a book being written to explain all the differences between ghosts, spirits, poltergeists and elementals. This is to be a serious yet light-hearted look at the unseen world beyond death!
"Ghosts, Should We Be Afraid?" &
"Are You Being Haunted?"
A New Web Site, Books and Readings By Psychic/Medium Rev. Nancy Matz (Casey)
You have a "sense" of something unseen in your home. Electrical disturbance, unexplained sounds, and you really "felt" something once. Whom or what do you have living with you in Your home? Is it dearly loved deceased Grandma, or a beloved pet or poltergeists?
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This site was inspired by my own search for "reasons for Life" questions. This site is my genuine effort to offer you information on how to communicate, how not to have, or how to identify your spirit peoples in your life, and to affirm your own personal spirit story.
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The books, "Are you Being Haunted?" "Ghosts, Should We be Afraid?" and "Proof," are in the works together.  
A Dating Book will also be published and all three will be offered for purchase at my sites.
Can't get motivated? In an uncontrollable funk?
Feeling like there's a weight holding you down? Read of Debbie's struggle and awakening to her own power for success. Learn self-motivating tips and goals to apply to your life and for your own success story. A chapter dedicated to "Talking to our Angels" is a delicate balance of receiving help and exercising "Free Will."
Two Worlds: Developing Your Psychic Skills
Included is short bio of author Nancy Matz, her bout with Cancer and her pledge to God to do his work. Easy to read, pictures to explain psychic & time exploration, spirit drawings, paradox of free will vs. forecasting future, psychic time/distance readings, meeting of spirit woman and her connection to recent past-life regression
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A Short Bio and an Invite

After the trauma of Cancer in 1987 followed by a Divorce after 21 years of Marriage in 1988; year and half later May 1990, I started a personal quest for the reason for Life. I pledged to God, "allow me to continue good health from cancer, and I will work for you the rest of my Life."

I invite you to visit the rest of this site to help you also answer "the reason for Life" questions. I offer information on how to communicate, how not to have, or just to find out more about your spirit peoples in your life, and to affirm your own personal spirit story.
The following chapters are being offered in shortened versions from my book,


There are some "tall tales and spirit stories" that will only be told in Book due to accompanied drawings.

Are You Living with a Ghost or a Spirit?
Doing an Investigation - Voice Recordings
Lots of Great Ghost Links
Your Resident Ghost
Ghosts or Elementals
John Bettencourt Old City Cemetery
Old Sacramento California Cemetery Tours
Rocklin California Cemetery Tours
Ghosts - Earth Bound (Rescues) Attachments
Animal Spirits
Tall Tales and Spooky Stories
Seeing is Believing
To Cross the Boundaries of the "Veil"
Talking to Your Angels
Spirit Drawings
How to do your own Drawings
Spirits or Angels
Asking for Guidance
Asking for a Psychic/Medium Session
How Not To Become a Ghost!"

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This great photograph was sent to me by Caroline in New York.  Her friends who live in the great North West were working around their house and someone took this picture.  See the figure in the window on the left - well there was no one in the house when this was taken.  The owners are standing there outside at the table!!! - Thanks for the permission to post this picture. Caroline's Friends Summer 2008
Nov 1,2 California Haunts and myself at the Murphys Hotel in Murphys California for a fun-filled HALLOWEEN FEST 2008 weekend of ghosts and hauntings.This picture was taken at the Murphy Hotel and tour in Murphy's California.  In this private residence, guests were asking me to where point their cameras for "orbs." The one picture on left the larger orb is in the upper right cabinet and corner of doorway.  Digital camera was used.
In this same house, orb is on left - inside long panel in cabinet.  Yes that is me talking away. 
I connected to on 3-26-11   First 45 min. a recording of a TV Show Haunted Tombstone, next 45 min. talked about Ghosts Investigations, last 45 min. talked about Frank's Box and spooky investigations!  Reallllly a Great Show!
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New Announcement! a book on "Are You being Haunted?"
New Book about Ghosts that "attach" to you - unknowingly!  Thought of someone in your life that just doesn't seem the same?  Clearly, we do have moments that nothing seems to work right.  But, have you seen others become an alcoholic virtually overnight or a complete personality reversal?
Clearly there could be two souls in the same live flesh body!
Emotionally unhealthy souls can attached to someone to help them "feed"  and "feel" good in the human existence and not pass over to "Spirit Land".   
In this book I will discuss:
All sorts of Hitchhikers, stories and drawings. How to recognize a possible attachment, Intervention for someone who has a ghost attached and then how to get rid of this lost soul! and for you:  Setting up the right emotional state to not become a Hitchhiker yourself!"
New Psychic, Ghost
jokes on the Hereafter!
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George Lopez host of "DEAD-AIR" Radio has had me on as guest several times, to be part of his Ghost Investigations, EVP's and to use my Mediumship abilities to open up a clearer channel to proving Spirit Survival.
His Web site is linked at the BTR site
Ghost walking to cross a road, yep that is how I see spirits.  When they notice I am looking at them, then they give me their deceased human appearance.
My 3rd Book!  July 25, 2013

Carter’s dreams are wild, sensual and exhausting,
She awakens, freezing; opening her eyes –
she is horrified –
She is outside in the mud and naked!
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July 25, 2013